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Thanks to all who participated in the 2024 Doug King Memorial.

There were 90 entries judged and 74 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stTom FontesHoppy PilsLSX5: New Zealand PilsnerLong Beach Homebrewers
2ndPeter BowersFuzzy Orchard29C: Specialty Fruit BeerMaltose Falcons
3rdMike RasconMo586 Lager34B: Mixed-Style BeerLong Beach Homebrewers

Winning Entries

Table 1: Standard American Beers (5 entries)

1stCharles KirkWall Ride Wheat1D: American Wheat BeerBrewluminati [CA]
2ndCharles KirkJapan Air Rice Lager1B: American LagerBrewluminati [CA]
3rdJoe St. JohnMow Fun1B: American LagerYeastside Brewers

Table 2: European Pale Beers (18 entries)

1stTom FontesHoppy PilsLSX5: New Zealand PilsnerLong Beach Homebrewers
2ndCurtis Ritter
Co-Brewer: Joshua Wheeler
Gypsy Pils5D: German PilsOrange County Mash Ups
3rdMarvin Gomez
Co-Brewer: Enrique Leveron
Na?5D: German PilsSoCal Cerveceros (SCC)

Table 3: Amber and Dark European Beers (11 entries)

1stJamie CrawfordDark Czech3D: Czech Dark LagerMaltose Falcons
2ndMike RasconBlack Lager8B: SchwarzbierLong Beach Homebrewers
3rdBen SookyingHappy Marzen6A: MärzenBrew Knights

Table 4: Smoked and Wood Aged Beer (8 entries)

1stMike NeiceBeetlejuice II33A: Wood-Aged Beer Barley Bandits
2ndRobert DexterPretty Peyton Porter33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Maltose Falcons
3rdBen SookyingBig Ben Strong Wood33A: Wood-Aged Beer Brew Knights

Table 5: Historic and Speciality (17 entries)

1stMike RasconMo586 Lager34B: Mixed-Style Beer Long Beach Homebrewers
2ndMike RasconTrip C Stout30D: Specialty Spice Beer Long Beach Homebrewers
3rdIsrael ArrietaAlan34A: Commercial Specialty Beer SoCal Cerveceros (SCC)

Table 6: Fruit Beer (12 entries)

1stPeter BowersFuzzy Orchard29C: Specialty Fruit Beer Maltose Falcons
2ndTom FontesLil Quatty29A: Fruit Beer Long Beach Homebrewers
3rdHanii Takahashi
Co-Brewer: Jonathan Murphy
Guaweizen 29A: Fruit Beer SoCal Cerveceros (SCC)

Table 7: Session Anything (5 entries)

1stTom FontesWonderful Grodziskie 50A: Session Anything Long Beach Homebrewers
2ndJonathan Perkins536 Session Blonde50A: Session Anything
3rdCheyne HarveyKōkua50A: Session Anything Arizona Society of Homebrewers

Table 8: Imperial Anything (14 entries)

1stJohn Aitchison
Co-Brewer: Roger Taylor
English Barley Wine51A: Imperial Anything Maltose Falcons
2ndEnid LintsFly By Night51A: Imperial Anything Evergreen Brewing Initiative
3rdRobert DexterMy Sweet Summer Saison51A: Imperial Anything Maltose Falcons