Thanks to all who participated in the 2019 Doug King Memorial Homebrew Competition.

There were 90 entries judged and 89 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyle
1stJerald PikeRed Eye10.3: American-Style Red and Amber Ale
2ndJonathan ManockLondon Porter16.1: English-Style Porter
3rdAvery ColombBrown Chaiger24.2: Herb- and/or Spice-flavored Beer

Winning Entries

Category 2: (5 entries)

1stBen SookyingExported Happiness2.4: Dortmunder Export-Style Lager

Category 9: (10 entries)

1stKat GrescoSchwarze Katz9.5: Schwarzbier
2ndJaime Gonzalez
Co-Brewer: Jimmy Arias
Kershawfest9.2: Marzen/Oktoberfest
3rdJeff SmithMelba's Marzen9.2: Marzen/Oktoberfest

Category 10: (8 entries)

1stJerald PikeRed Eye10.3: American-Style Red and Amber Ale
2ndBen SookyingHappy In Common10.2: California Common Beer
3rdMike NeiceRed Rat Bastard10.3: American-Style Red and Amber Ale

Category 11: (4 entries)

1stMike NeiceBrown Eye11.3: Southern English-Style Brown Ale
2ndBrett Shaw
Co-Brewer: Jeff Leming
Jeff Made Me do It 11.3: Southern English-Style Brown Ale
3rdJerald PikeFigueroa Brown11.5: American-Style Brown Ale

Category 14: (4 entries)

1stMichael HoccomCzary, Not Sorry14.3: Imperial ("Russian") Stout
2ndIsrael ArrietaAbel14.1: Dortmund-Style Adambier
3rdTodd Slater
Co-Brewer: Matt Castellino
Down the Hole14.3: Imperial ("Russian") Stout

Category 15: (6 entries)

1stJeff KoehlerEisbock15.5: Eisbock
2ndJeff KoehlerDoppelbock15.4: Doppelbock
3rdJeff KoehlerMaibock15.1: Maibock and Helles (Pale) Bock

Category 16: (5 entries)

1stJonathan ManockLondon Porter16.1: English-Style Porter
2ndMichael HoccomBaggage Handler16.2: American-Style Porter
3rdScott KoehmWhat's Left Porter16.1: English-Style Porter

Category 24: (11 entries)

1stAvery ColombBrown Chaiger24.2: Herb- and/or Spice-flavored Beer
2ndIsrael ArrietaAdam's Sin24.1: Fruit- and/or Vegetable-Flavored Beer
3rdAndy Ziskin Pink Drink 24.2: Herb- and/or Spice-flavored Beer

Category 25: (8 entries)

1stIan HatleyCanadian Breakfast Porter25.2: Experimental and Specialty Beer, Other
2ndChristopher LoghryBlack Christmas25.2: Experimental and Specialty Beer, Other
3rdCraig Wickham
Co-Brewer: Roger Taylor
Into the Belgian Abyss25.2: Experimental and Specialty Beer, Other
HMDavid MerzMarquette Artic Ale25.1: Historical Beer

Category 26: (10 entries)

1stMike NeiceBbw #30526.3: Wood-Aged Beer, Whiskey
2ndRussell Frieder
Co-Brewer: Lauren Levy
Barrel Stout26.3: Wood-Aged Beer, Whiskey
3rdIsrael ArrietaCain26.2: Smoke Beers, Other
3rdDavid MerzHornidal Nordic Farmhouse26.2: Smoke Beers, Other

Category 31: (8 entries)

1stBen SookyingHappy Esb31.0: English/Irish/Scottish and Specialty
2ndFabio BenelliBrown Is the New Black31.0: English/Irish/Scottish and Specialty
3rdRobert Smith
Co-Brewer: Tayler Anne Lizarraga
Oil Spill 31.0: English/Irish/Scottish and Specialty

Category 32: (11 entries)

1stJerald PikeBrown Bomb32.1: Imperial Anything
1stSamuel StaleyBiere Legere32.2: Session Challenge
2ndJulian ReyesCanadian Christmans Morning32.1: Imperial Anything
2ndJohn AitchisonBerliner Weiss32.2: Session Challenge
3rdIsrael ArrietaIzzyclaus32.1: Imperial Anything
3rdAndy Ziskin Meyer Regimen 32.2: Session Challenge